JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Welcome to the homepage for the Standfuck Showdown!

Here, I am (going to attempt) to rank all stands by sexiness, starting with the JoJo’s themselves. By the end of this “project” all of the winners will be pitted against each other in a final showdown, as judged by me, Standfucker Extraordinaire.

Unfortunately, no The JOJOLands stands will be included at this time, as we’ve not seen enough of them in action. Sorry, Jodio, maybe in another 10 years. A note on the image descriptions, a few pictures feature the stands posing with their users because it’s difficult to find fun standalone stand pics. The users aren’t described unless needed because this ain’t about them.

Please keep in mind that these are only my objectively correct opinions u-u

The Big Three

Stardust Crusaders

Diamond Is Unbreakable

Vento Aureo

Stone Ocean

Steel Ball Run