2/3/2024: got to reference one of the greatest moments in competitive pokemon gaming history for this nuzlocke ses lol.

1/29/2024: another nuzlocke session is up!

1/27/2024: FINALLY! THE IMAGE DESCRIPTIONS ARE UP!! sorry it took so long but i wanted to post them all at once and JJBA stands are a pain in the ass to describe lmao. this is my first time writing image IDs like this so if there's anything that could be done better please let me know :] i've also gotten into Dungeon Meshi recently and have some (spoiler filled) meta to crosspost when i get the chance.

12/28/2023: my nuzlocke is starting to get emotional. also it's me birthday!

11/8/2023: finished another nuzlocke session! should perhaps make another blog post so i'm not left on such a downer lol.

10/20/2023: second session of my nuzlocke is up. the various image descriptions are almost ready but have i ever mentioned how much i hate trying to describe jjba stands?

10/17/2023: i'm nuzlocking Pokemon Brilliant Diamond! also working on image descriptions for the screenshots in my fandom posts. i'll update those pages when i have all of them ready.

10/12/2023: finally got the RUNE playthrough going! am playing part 2 as we speak :P

9/6/2023: first blog post! since i know what sorts of things i wanna Blog™ about posts should be more consistent from now on.

8/5/2023: i've finished crossposting everything i can think of. will be posting new stuff soon ♥

8/1/2023: ok i think i've got everything set up how i want it! will be working on cleaning up and transferring some fandom meta, then i've got a few new things for Riverside (finally). also expecting some ttrpg zines soon so i'll for sure be talking about those.

7/31/2023: watch out! i'm revamping.