Mob Psycho 100

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So in the Claw arc when Dimple possesses the security guard he says the reason he didn’t possess Terada it’s because all espers have naturally built-in defenses.

[Image ID: Dimple: All espers have their own mental protection. As such, it makes it harder for evil spirits to possess them. That goes for you guys, too. End ID.]

He also claims it’s because he’s weakened at that point, but 1: he is able to eat Matsuo’s entire collection so he’s strong enough to pull that off at least 2: “oh I’m weakened right now!” is Dimple’s go to excuse whenever he can’t do something.

Anyways during the world domination arc Dimple is able to very quickly and easily possess an unconscious Mob to keep him safe from Shibata.

[Image ID: Shibata, a huge, muscular man, in his red berserker mode, attacks an unconscious Mob. Dimple, possessing Mob, backflips out of the way just in time. Shibata punches the floor instead and it shatters. End ID.]

MEANING Mob, the strongest esper in the world, was so super mega passed out he had 0 defenses.

Or that he trusts Dimple enough that he unconsciously allows himself to be possessed if needed.

[Image ID: From the scene where Mob originally asked Dimple to possess his body to protect it while he left to fight Mogami. Reigen, sweating and nervous, asks Mob, “Are you seriously going to trust Dimple?” and Mob calmly responds, “I’m sure it’ll be fine. End ID.]

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Hey, So.

When Dimple possessed Mob during the Shibata fight he was not even trying. He knows that he can’t possess Mob even when he’s asleep and was going to try to carry Mob away with his little ghost arms. The possession was on accident and Dimple sprang into action immediately.

[Image ID: Single page black and white comic. 1st panel: Mob is on the floor unconscious. Off screen Reigen yells, “Mob!! Wake up!!” 2nd panel: Dimple dives in from behind Shibata. 3rd panel: Dimple thinks to himself, “Oh crap! The problem is, even when he’s asleep I’m not able to possess him!” 4th panel: Dimple slaps Mob’s face while saying, “Shigeo, wake up! The big guy’s coming!” 5th panel: Dimple starts trying to pull Mob away. He’s visibly struggling as he says to himself, “He’s still not responding! Can I carry him with my strength?” 6th panel: A blurry transition as Dimple possesses Mob. 7th panel: Dimple is alone in a black void. He looks shocked as he thinks to himself, “Huh? I went in just fine.” End ID.]

He trusts Dimple enough that he unconsciously allows himself to be possessed if needed.

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Rotating my own gd take in my mind until the end of time.

Look at this line from Dimple at the start of the Teruki fight.

[Image ID: A single black and white comic panel. Dimple is thinking, “I’ve tried countless times to invade Shigeo’s body in his sleep. But it’s like pricking a concrete block with a needle…” There is a visual of a syringe poking a concrete block and being bent. End ID.]