The Chicken Coop

Okay I watched Skinamarink and I know people a lot smarter than me are talking about it and dissecting it but personally I think the movie is about how sometimes you are a small child who wakes up in the middle of the night and needs to pee.

What I mean by that is sometimes you wake up and it is very late, probably the latest ever, like a special time slot was carved out just for you. You need to pee, you are completely alone, and your options are as follows.

  1. Try to go back to sleep. You already know this one won’t work, as your bladder is what woke you up in the first place. Maybe you will be able to go back to sleep, but then you risk peeing in your sleep. You’re not going to do that because only babies pee the bed and you are at least 7 which is Not a baby age.
  2. Simply stay up all night. This one’s not gonna work either because, once again, it’s the latest it’s ever been. Who knows how long you’ll be sitting there in your dark room, under your increasingly hot sheets. This means you’re forced to take action and go with the final option which is.
  3. Get out of bed and walk to the bathroom down the hall.

Your room is dark and quiet, the hall will be dark and quiet, and the bathroom will be even darker are quieter, so you must muster up the courage and maybe bring something along for protection.

The hallway is perhaps a little brighter than your room actually. There’s a nightlight plugged in just in case anyone needs to pee in the middle of the night. still, you’re completely and totally exposed out here. You take your steps slowly and carefully to avoid all the spots where the floor creaks.

The bathroom is as dark as a cave, but the light switch is right there so problem solved. except not really because after you finish peeing you realize another problem, a much larger problem. You have to flush the toilet.

By this point you know an infinite number of monsters, ghosts, aliens, robbers, and/or demons have their ear out for you, and that the blanket or doll or WWE wrestler action figure you brought along for protection isn’t gonna cut it.

You decide to leave the toilet un-flushed. You’ll just have to go to the bathroom first thing in the morning and flush it then before anyone notices. If that falls you can always blame a sibling, maybe one of the pets.

So you wash your hands, careful not to look in the mirror, lest you see someone standing behind you, then hold your breath and turn off the light.

And as your eyes readjust to the darkness, as you steady yourself to make the quiet sprint back to your bed, you notice something.

The hallway nightlight is off.