JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

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Hmmm thinking about Sorbet and Gelato as a kind of anti-Giorno…

When Bucciarati’s floating up to heaven he tells Giorno he was basically dead inside before they met and Giorno’s resolve to change things brought him back to life. Sorbet and Gelato's deaths would've been the final nail in the coffin letting Risotto know he'd never be able to change his situation. Something something Resolve something Fate.

I know other people have pointed it out but in the anime any squadra scenes that chronology take place between Sorbet and Gelato's deaths and getting the first lead on Trish is shrouded in darkness. They are figuratively dead until the light of Hope shines through. Notably this doesn't apply to Risotto. The others are shown in daylight/lit rooms when possible but the extra anime scenes only ever show Risotto in dark rooms. He only appears in the light when confronting Doppio. When he's seized his Fate for the first time in years.

Bucciarati's joining Passione was proactive but also out of his control. He did what he needed to protect his dad. If he didn't intervene his dad would've just been collateral and from then on Bucciarati stuck to his guns and tried to minimize that during his time with Passione. Risotto's was proactive but seemingly 100% in his control. He very deliberately waited until he was 18 to take out his cousin's, accidental, killer. It's given as an example of the system failing but we're never told that guy had some special connections if I remember correctly. Bucciarati thought he could change the system and it slowly killed him from the inside out. Risotto decided on that day that it was unsalvageable and was dead from then on.

Then one person in Bucciarati’s life set out to change and succeeded. Then two people in Risotto's set out to change and failed horribly.

Vento Aureo is all about defying Fate. The assassins couldn't manage that but they damn well tried. Or maybe they could've. Giorno's Resolve kept Bucciarati going past death both figuratively and literally. Sorbet and Gelato's deaths totally crushed all Resolve the assassins had. They got it back too little too late. It wasn't just Bucciarati. Everyone in the Bucci Gang was increasingly just going through the motions until Giorno, controller of his own fate and figurative son of god, showed up with his literal life giving powers to restore them one by one. Like. Through a twist of fate if Giorno had teamed up with the assassins instead they would've won and not just because Giorno is the main character. He's the manifestation of Resolve. The god of changing fates. The wheel turning king. I've been reading too much Kill Six Billion Demons lately.

Araki has talked before about protagonists as being deity-esque and I feel like people smarter than me could say way more about how Giorno is the most literal interpretation of that in jjba. Some people complain about Giorno being a comparatively passive protagonist but that's kinda the point in my opinion. God doesn't need to act directly to Get Shit Done, yet Giorno is still an active agent in his own fate which is why he can defeat the other figurative god in Vento Aureo. Diavolo got his fate twisting powers and took a backseat from there. Giorno started out the son of god and went through a lot of bullshit anyways to take direct control of his Fate.

I'm just rambling now.