It's Bloggin' Time

Woo hoo! First blog post.

I mostly wanted to make this to announce a Secret Project™ that I’ve had in the works for awhile and will be posting soon.

If you’ve ever spoken to me for more than 5 seconds you may be aware that I’m a huge fan of TTRPGs. I run them, I think about them, I even sometimes write them! But playing them can be kinda hard to organize (shout out to my fellow forever GMs for all the times you’ve had to coordinate the schedules of 4+ grown adults)

That’s where solo games come in

I own Many games of all types that I never get to play, well now I’m gonna be playing some of those solo games. See most of these games are journaling based, which is cool! But I always feel bad about not being able to share my story with any one :[ So now i’m going to be uploading my game progress as I play and it’s gonna be super fun (for me at least)

Currently I am playing RUNE by Gila RPGs. It’s cool in that it’s more “game” than “journal” and I am LOVING it. I’ve already got my first session ready to post. Just need to make a landing page for this playthrough.

You’ll be able to find all this and a deeper explanation of RUNE/how this is gonna work on Game Stuff soon.

See you later!